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WWOOF’ING – What’s It All About?

man stood in the great outdoors

  There has been a new way of travel that has taken backpacking adventurers by storm. This is where people of all ages can opt to work at a self sustaining farm or property in exchange for food and accommodation, and sometimes even other pleasant perks like free yoga lessons. …

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3 Main Job Roles For Hostel Volunteers

traveller on the road

Been considering volunteering in a hostel? There are thousands of hostels all around the would that offer food and accommodation, and some times some pocket money in exchange for work. There are many great ways to travel the globe and this is by far on of the most popular because …

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3 Perks That Come with Volunteering In a Hostel

toy van

  One of the greatest experiences you could ever possibly land yourself in, is volunteering in a hostel. This has been a way of travel for backpackers for many years and it is for good reason. There are countless of countries to travel to where hostels offer a volunteering exchange. …

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Top 3 Charities to Volunteer For

people holding a wooden heart

    If you have found yourself with the the desire to start doing some volunteering, you are likely wandering where to start, who to volunteer for and most importantly, is it any good. Volunteering is an experience that should be fulfilling after all, here are the top 3 charities …

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3 Reasons for Volunteering With Kids

kids having fun

The world of volunteering has very little to do with the exchange in finance, quite naturally it is the exchange in fantastic experiences which attracts people to volunteer. One of the most rewarding and wonderful areas is volunteering with kids. Here you have a direct impact on their today, for …

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3 Great Ways to Volunteer and Travel

man holding miniature globe ball

Volunteering and travelling carries a certain kind of stigma, perhaps people feel that they will be missing out on getting ahead financially or will not be able to sustain their desired way of living. For those who have already volunteered, they often soon come to see many benefits and for …

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The Small Things That Help The Worlds Waste Management

a team uniting

Volunteering is not always about a help in hand for charities or local establishments, sometimes it means taking part in certain actions in our own time. One massive subject where we could be volunteering our efforts is around waste management. Waste management companies around the world are struggling to keep …

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