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3 Great Ways to Volunteer and Travel

Volunteering and travelling carries a certain kind of stigma, perhaps people feel that they will be missing out on getting ahead financially or will not be able to sustain their desired way of living. For those who have already volunteered, they often soon come to see many benefits and for the most part it becomes a way of living. However, for those who are thinking about it but are also slightly apprehensive, Here Are 3 Great Ways To Volunteer And Travel.

Overseas Projects

There are thousands of charities around the world which offer the chance to travel and help with developing projects in 3rd world countries. This is fantastic because they will provide food and accommodation and in return you get to experience new cultures and travel in a completely unique way. This is also fantastic for your CV, it will absolutely impress employers when you get back home.

YMCA Activity Centres

The YMCA have been around forever, they are all over the world and whilst they are involved in many developmental projects for local communities, they also own thousands of outdoor activity centres. This is a great way to get abroad and land your self in an exciting and adventurous volunteer role. Again, food and accommodation will always be provided. You will be kayaking, rock-climbing, hiking and camping for you role. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Overseas Intern

Now, if you really are the adventurous kind, there are thousands of volunteering intern roles. I very popular one is to work your way through the ranks as a scuba-diving instructor. What is so exciting about this is because you really will max out the scale of lifestyle, have food and accommodation provided and nearly always be in a hot country. Hawaii anyone?

scuba diver
Living the dream as an intern


So now you see, volunteering doesn’t need to be boring or put you behind in life. You can gain a skill or a trade, all whilst seeing the world. Who wouldn’t volunteer?

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