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3 Main Job Roles For Hostel Volunteers

Been considering volunteering in a hostel? There are thousands of hostels all around the would that offer food and accommodation, and some times some pocket money in exchange for work. There are many great ways to travel the globe and this is by far on of the most popular because food and accommodation is the most budget killing part about travelling. So if you are keen to get out there and do some volunteering whilst travelling Here Are The 3 Main Job Roles For Hostel Volunteers



Okay so a cleaner doesn’t always sounds like the most lavish of jobs, but trust me its super easy. Most hostels have an extremely basic lay out, making them tremendously easy to clean and keep tidy. The job role includes, general upkeep, change overs, dorm cleans and social area cleans. Many hostels have a ‘clean your own dishes and area’ rules, so half of the time the space just needs a quick spruce up. A brilliant perk is once your done the day is yours to enjoy!


Volunteering as a receptionist is a great role within the hostel. It allows you to be first port of call for all new travellers and create some fantastic relationships. As receptions your main roles include, taking reservations, checking in and checking out. I would recommend this role, if you are organised have good communication skills and love being in a face to face environment.

man on map
travelling the world as a hostel volunteer










Bar Work

Volunteering as a bar man/woman is a popular hostel volunteer job role. Most bars within a hostel have an extremely laid back and fun work ethos. If you’re an outgoing party person, then this is the one for you… Job roles include serving drinks, food and just generally making sure people are having a good time.

man working in a bar serving a mahito
working in a bar as a traveller









So what are you waiting for, get out there and start exchanging your time for the ultimate experience of hostel life!

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