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3 Perks That Come with Volunteering In a Hostel


One of the greatest experiences you could ever possibly land yourself in, is volunteering in a hostel. This has been a way of travel for backpackers for many years and it is for good reason. There are countless of countries to travel to where hostels offer a volunteering exchange. Volunteering doesn’t always have to be about righteous actions, sometimes its just a good old fashion exchange for free work and receiving all the perks of hostel life.


Here are 3 Perks That Come With Volunteering In a Hostel.



Volunteering at a hostel is the perfect way to travel. Many hostels offer the opportunity to work from a few days to months. Spending a short time at each hostel is a viable brilliant way to see a new country. It allows you to meet other fellow travels and see what each location has to offer. With additional perks such as cheap trips and entry tickets.


The real way to experience a countries culture is to live with the locals. Applying to volunteer in a local run hostel can be the perfect insight into their world. Meet their family and friends, learn the language and be a part of it all.

group in desert
travel and experiencing different cultures

Food and Accommodation

A brilliant sweetener of working in a hostel is that you often get free accommodation and food. When travelling, finding somewhere to rest you head and a decent meal is often the costliest expense, so to have this included in your working experience is ideal. Dinner time at a hostel is also one of the most social and enjoyable parts, where everyone gets together to just have a great time.




meat and veg on bbq
dinner time









The world is out there waiting for you to explore it, equally there are thousands of hostels waiting for you to join the team and have the time of your life whilst volunteering.

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