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3 Reasons Volunteering is NOT Free Labor


Here Are 3 Reasons Volunteering is NOT Free Labor



Many people want to volunteer but are often discouraged by the thought that there is nothing in return. After all, volunteering doesn’t pay the bills or does it? We are often short-sighted to the rewards we will receive in return and the bigger picture is amiss. So if you are thinking about getting into volunteering, here are 3 Reasons Volunteering is NOT Free Labor.

True Reward

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Too much energy is fixated on the lack of a financial gain and whilst it is true that there is actually a great financial gain, this point is to focus on why that doesn’t matter when you experience true reward. Science has taken a lot of time to measure how we feel when we give and has concluded that it is one of the actions that make us feel most fulfilled. When one is fulfilled, little do they concern themselves with money, rather they want more of the good feeling. This is why you will have met people who have volunteered for years and look completely content.

Think of the CV

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One of the greatest attributes which can be added to your CV is evidence of volunteering. It displays a character trait which employers absolutely love. It shows them that you are a caring and diligent worker, that you are ambitious beyond your own cause and are willing to get stuck in for the great of good. In many respects, what may feel like volunteering, is actually setting you up for bigger and better-paid opportunities in return for your selfless actions. Whether you want them or not, they’ll come!

You’ll Gain New Skills and New Passions

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I had a friend who was WWOOFing at a Krishna village and soon became incredibly interested in farming. They treated him as an apprentice and he left with a qualification in Permaculture and is now setting up his own organic farm. The experiences and expertise you can obtain whilst volunteering will very much pay you back tenfold with a career you love.

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