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5 Reasons To Do Your Volunteer and Travel Alone

Before volunteering for a month’s work abroad, a lone travelling experience can seem quite daunting. You can become reliant on having a friend to do everything with, together through the great and terrible moments. There are however, a number of amazing benefits to going lone wolf that make it well worth it. From simply deciding your own day to day schedule, to making unbreakable friendships across the globe. So here is just a selection of undeniable reasons to book that volunteer experience. 


Do it your way

You have had a full on week of fruit picking and it the weekend so ideal you should be out and about, skydiving, partying and trekking, but today what you really want, is to stay in bed, order a pizza and watch telly…So that is precisely what you do! With no one to frown upon your personal decisions you can have a guiltless day of true laziness. When lone travelling, you don’t have the worry of keep your comrade happy, or ruining their weekend plans, allowing you to just be selfish and enjoy the day your way.

A Spicy Pizza
Spicy Pizza

The Challenge

Yes, it can be terrifying. But these challenges demand you to get out from under that safety blanket and prove to yourself that you can try new things and overcome challenges. Without your friend there to guide you through, you will acquire so many positives from being in new volunteer situation and experience new things about the world and yourself. If an issue ascends, you are solely responsible with dealing with it, find solutions and problem solving can be a very positive experience.

An Obstacle
An Obstacle

New Friends

When volunteering and travelling with a friend, it can be easy to spend time with one and other, chatting in your comfortable friendship bubble.  This happens mostly when in a foreign speaking country and can often result in you not getting to know your other colleagues and local people, and making the most of this new volunteer experience.  When you are alone you will be forced to make more effort, when at work or work socials, you are more likely to go for it and be more friendly, often making fantastic relationships that last forever. As well as this, a new volunteer is much more approachable than a big loud group of already acquainted friends, increasing the likelihood of people coming to chat to you.

To Friends Chatting
Two Friends













No makeup or fancy clothing

When traveling with friends, you often feel the pressures of your peers to look your best. With the constant Instagram and Facebook uploads of your volunteer experience it can feel important to look good, whether your buddies get all dressed up for a day on the farm or wear a full face of makeup to go fruit picking, you can feel you must follow suit. Traveling on your own means no one is there for you look your best for. So you can throw on your shorts, an old T-Shirt and head straight off.

A Makeup Bag
Makeup Bag

Becoming independent and self-confident

By far the best motive to do a volunteer and travelling experience alone is that it truly allows you to grow in confidence and become self-sufficient in new circumstances. The simplest of scenarios, such as showing up to a brand new job in a brand new country can sound extremely scary, but once you have volunteered alone your self-confidence will rocket and future meeting new people and taking on new challenges will be a walk in the park.

An Overjoyed Lady
A Content Woman

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