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Great Reasons To Volunteer This 2018

Have you considered volunteering this year, but you are yet to make up your mind? Here at Volunteer Humane Society we could not recommend a volunteer experience more. In this article we have selected just few of the large number of fantastic reasons to apply for a volunteer position.


New Skills

Employers love taking on people with a large range of skills – Volunteers often have many. When volunteering you are often challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone, so you adapt and learn extremely quickly. You are also surrounded with other people with different skills, who can teach you new qualities and abilities, weather this is a new language, how to tie a boat knot or even how to instruct a surf lesson.

Personal Skills
Set Of Skills


Make A Difference

Volunteering allows you to try and make a difference, weather this is in your local youth group, town, or even a foreign country abroad. It lets you be a part of something bigger than you and use your kind heart and responsibility for the world to create a difference and change for the better.

A Happy School Boy
A School Boy Skipping


Your Career

Proof that you have taken time to volunteer is hugely attractive to future employers and a fantastic way to boost your career.  It makes a brilliant impression and suggests you are original, resourceful and up for a challenge.

A Man Writing His Travel Experiences
A Traveled Man













Each volunteer experience is different, so the position you apply for will depend on your skill set, attributes and what you want to give and gain from the experience. But one thing is for sure, there are so many great reasons to give it a go and push yourself from your comfort zone and at the same time benefit another person and the world.

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