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The Small Things That Help The Worlds Waste Management

Volunteering is not always about a help in hand for charities or local establishments, sometimes it means taking part in certain actions in our own time. One massive subject where we could be volunteering our efforts is around waste management. Waste management companies around the world are struggling to keep up with demand and without the needed growth in business, they may need us as a species to change some habits.

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Here are the small things we can do to help the worlds waste management

Be self-sufficient food garden

Vegetables in a basket
Vegetables grown from the garden









This may or may not apply to you but yet it is still a valid option for many of us. If we were able to be self-sufficient, we would not need to purchase food products that come in plastic packaging, perhaps we would not even have the need for plastic bags. In large numbers, this would make an unfathomable impact on waste management.

Sell rather than dump

old rusty bike
Old bike that could be sold instead of wasted










Think how many things we throw away that could be sold or even given away. Kids toys, shoes and clothes, Instruments, tech-gadgets and all kinds of other waste. Undoubtedly there will come a time when it must go into the trash, however, what can be reused or recycled could be put to better use than taking up much needed space in landfills or potentially in a natural habitat for other animals.

Rely on reusable containers

glass containers with food inside
Containers that can be used for food storage rather than waste









Imagine how much waste is created by chucking away reusable containers. By keeping them we can store food waste and in addition we can also use them to be creative. I have seen people use reusable containers for candles, for light decorations or even start a new hobby in making pickled eggs. There is so much that can be done with reusable containers that are for mare exciting than chucking them in the trash. 


The video below is a fantastic idea to combat waste management issues.


Wast Management Companies in South Africa are also making incredible progress in waste management.


Overall, waste management is something we can all volunteer out time into. And there is absolutely no reason why it cant be fun.

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