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Why Volunteering Helps Mental Health

Beyond the route of an orthodox recovery from Mental Health issues, there are avenues of which individuals consistently express has many contributing factors to their newly found well-being. One area in particular that Mental Health Training Professionals such as Clearfocus Training have suggested helps individuals find relief and even recover from Mental Health issues, is the Volunteering industry. Although it is yet to be recognised within the public eye, there are a vast number of benefits that help Mental Health sufferers find their well-being.

Reasons Why Volunteering Helps Mental Health


Many individuals express the sense of reward that they feel after volunteering their time and skills to help others. This also helps those who suffer from Mental Health because of natural feel-good chemicals that are released when we show compassion and do something to benefit somebody else. As a result, we then continue to act upon the opportunity of helping others, renewing the natural rewarding process of which often gives individuals a sense of direction.

New Friends

Mental Illnesses can integrate individuals from their local community, and also their family and friends. By volunteering, the individual has a new opportunity to create relationships around common interest and friendships of which do not hold expectations. This can act as a relief, and a source of connection to turn toward when it is needed.

A New Hobby

Something of which can make Mental Health problems so destructive is the nature in which it creates apathy. Sufferers report having little interest in doing the things that they once loved and by volunteering, they are given the opportunity to engage with a new activity, raising self-interest and also motivation to continue being interactive with their hobbies.

With this just being the tip of what benefits there are to Volunteering, regarding Mental Health, it is no wonder why Mental Health Training Professionals suggest volunteering to enable a healthier well-being.


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