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Why Even Volunteer Companies Need Cyber Security

Never in the realm of Volunteering did I think that Cyber Security would be an important subject. Apart from blaming it on my age, so too it is the naivety of this new and fast developing online and digital world.

Why Even Volunteer Companies Need Cyber Security

  1. Cyber Crime Is Not Just For Businesses

    Its easy to believe that Volunteering companies and charities uphold and innocence that would not be targeted but unfortunately this is a misplaced faith. The fact is, everyone and every establishment that deal with information will have it placed somewhere online. One pocket of information opens the door to another, until finally, Cyber Hackers find a window through to details that could cause far more than a hindrance upon ones life. Maybe your own personal details, or maybe even that of someone who donates. If those bank credentials are discovered, it could be a financial rabbit hole of no return.

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  2. You Could Be Waving Goodbye To Your Company

    The effects on your volunteer company if tender details are breached could mean absolute chaos. Trying to find the source of such an event (i,e who did it) is often very pricey and sometime nearly impossible. Further more, you would be held responsible for neglecting important info and those effected by such a breach would have the right to sue. Needless to say, the effects could very well be irreversible and the integrity of your company could be so badly tarnished that you could possibly have to wave goodbye!

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    Cyber Security Services are able to implement Privacy Policies which will protect you from the brunt of any attack and its effects. Naturally, small businesses hate forking out for things that interrupt the flow of their existing budget but then, one might argue, what if there wasn’t even a business to even have a budget flow whatsoever. Weighing up these options should not in any case take very long.


  3. Online Hackers Always Have a Headstart

    In 2017, Online Hackers stole a total of £130bn from consumers in the UK. A monumental figure of 17 millions brits became victims of cyber crime last year alone. Such a figure is hard to conceptualise. Straight down the line, what such a figure represents is this – if you haven’t been targeted yet, at some stage you will. The importance of implementing Cyber Security is absolutely fundamental. This is why so many to to the survives of companies such as PGI – Cyber Security experts who carry out specific strategies which are tailored to the needs of your online data. Most usually they will carry out penetration testing to see where your vulnerabilities are which is usually terrifyingly enlightening. Regardless, the only way to make certain of your data safety is to turn to the pros. 

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Because of the increase in cyber crime there is more and more demand for cyber security and perhaps by default, less and less business owners are adopting the overview that it “won’t happen to me”, imagine how volunteering companies feel – not a hope in hell will it happen to me! So please make a diligent effort to make sure it DOES NOT! Get Cyber Security!


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