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WWOOF’ING – What’s It All About?


There has been a new way of travel that has taken backpacking adventurers by storm. This is where people of all ages can opt to work at a self sustaining farm or property in exchange for food and accommodation, and sometimes even other pleasant perks like free yoga lessons. This usually markets it self to the more hippy kind of traveller but anyone who travels in this way soon finds themselves a whole new unique way of living and enjoying their adventures/


WWOOF’ING – What’s It All About?


What it is

WWOOF stands for ‘World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms’ and is an exchange program where in return for volunteer help, your hosts provide food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about an organic lifestyle. It is designed to allow volunteers to have involvement in a rural setting or a foreign country. The roles often include assisting the host for around 4 hours in day to day running of the farm, tasks can include sowing seed, making compost, gardening and caring for animals.

Here is the beginning of a new Wwoof’ing farm in NSW Australia

How to get involved

The easiest way to get involved and hear about upcoming WWOOFing opportunities is to search the web. There are multiple websites advertising amazing experiences. Some will require registration, but this a well worth it as it means the host has been checked and verified, and you can view reviews and feedback from previous volunteers.

lady in a long grass field
wwoofing on a farm


An experience like this has so many attributes. The first is gaining real life knowledge of organic and biodynamic farming, something that is becoming a real focus point in the recent years and so important for the worlds future. Another reason is the atmosphere, the hosts and other volunteers are often the calmest and most peaceful of people making it a very therapeutic and social practice.

Why WWOOF and some tips to consider.

This is a fantastic experience and a great way to volunteer for food and accommodation whilst you travel. There are definitely worse bandwagons to jump on. Get out there and start WWOOF’ing!!

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